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 9 Dec 2020

Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness will be changing platforms...  We are moving over to iNaturalist, which has no geographical boundaries and can be used all over the world.

Help will be available, if required, to copy over your sightings from NatureMapr to iNaturalist, so that you can retain any history that you have built up in NatureMapr. Details on how to request this copy have been sent out by email. Contact us via the website, if you need more help.

To give our adminstrators a break over the summer holiday period, copying will be paused for now and will resume in February, 2021.

You can and should start to use iNaturalist any time now. Once you have registered, you can add your sightings (observations) immediately, even before your historical NatureMapr sightings are copied across.

Stay safe this summer.

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