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9 Apr 2020

Hi everyone - the web platform has been upgraded across all NatureMapr projects - you may need to reset your bookmark. A new smartphone Android app is available and an updated iPhone app is ready for download from the App Stores. Meanwhile, as we expect some issues with the new website, please let u...

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NatureMapr Mobile App Updates17 Apr 2020

Mobile app update on the way16 Apr 2020

Invasion Watch11 Apr 2020

New website (outage imminent)8 Apr 2020

New website almost here5 Apr 2020

Latest discussion

Thank you, Rohan....

That is a female Golden Whistler....

Pam wrote:
Thanks for the links Max....

Fungus Piptoporus australiensis (Curry Punk)
Pam wrote:
Do you think it is the samwe as the one you put up the other day?...

Fungus Laetiporus portentosus (White Punk)
Hi Paul, No problem with the detailed reply. I shall know better what to look for next time I'm getting ID photos of Atracinae and then how to in...

Trapdoor / Funnel-web / Mouse spider (Mygalomorphae) Hadronyche cerberea (Southern tree funnel-web spider)

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