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6 Mar 2021

Hi everyone, We have had to make another difficult but important decision to ensure we can keep up with the growth in the platform and our user base. We will be unable to continue to support the current implementation of the NatureMapr mobile app. The current NatureMapr mobile app is in need of a...

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Look out for Key's Matchstick Grasshopper13 Apr 2021

Research shows many benefits in being a citizen scientist1 Apr 2021

Regular platform update23 Feb 2021

Meeting with Federal Environment Minister26 Jan 2021

NatureMapr update20 Dec 2020

ALCW AGM, Dec 15 2020, 10:30 am9 Dec 2020

Latest discussion

JackieMiles wrote:
3 May 2021
Hi Libby, Yep, I agree, but I can't seem to confirm things any more. Patrick, how about you? Are you able to confirm? I think Naturemapr is start...

Litoria peronii (TBC)
JackieMiles wrote:
29 Apr 2021
Hi Libby, I'd like to confirm this for you, but it seems I no longer have moderator status, so I can't. We've been seeing a lot of jezebels here ...

Delias nigrina
28 Apr 2021
Thanks Jackie and Kim. I will look into the iNat, have been neglecting this for a bit. But have some new keen staff who are interesting in this ....

Pseudomantis albofimbriata
KimPullen wrote:
22 Apr 2021
A male....

Pseudomantis albofimbriata
JackieMiles wrote:
22 Apr 2021
Hi Libby, Praying mantis I think rather than stick insect. You know about ALCW swapping over to the iNaturalist platform in the next month or two...

Pseudomantis albofimbriata
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