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20 Nov 2018

Dear friends, We will be having our final meeting of the year on Monday December 17th at the Landcare Offices - (thanks Chris) 69 Aukland Street Bega at 10:30am The plan is to have a general meeting to discuss progress and plans and then the AGM at 11:45am, followed by lunch at the Thai restauran...

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Notice of Proposed change to ALCW Constitution3 Dec 2018

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Latest discussion

SuziBond wrote:
4 hrs ago
Hi Liz, excellent record and very nice images, thank you! It's always a treat to see any of the Hypochrysops, and wonderful you managed such a cl...

Butterfly Hypochrysops delicia (Moonlight Jewel)
SuziBond wrote:
4 hrs ago
Thanks for info Max, very well done! Given it's a hilltop location you may well find other Acrodipsas fly there too. Hi Jackie - your blue butter...

Butterfly Acrodipsas cuprea (Copper Ant-blue)
5 hrs ago
This is a nymph of this katydid species, which is known to be nocturnal. I have sighted the winged adult on two occasions (25/11/17 and 3/1/18) i...

Grasshopper / Cricket Zaprochilus australis (Twig-mimicking Katydid)
5 hrs ago
A remarkable katydid, which mimics a stick insect....

6 hrs ago
Hi Roger - Jackie's away on botanical field work this week, so I'm certainly not admitting to maggots in the compost bucket! - but seriously - I ...

Beetle Creophilus erythrocephalus (Devil's coach horse)
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