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15 Apr 2019

WASP ALERT TheAsian Paper Wasp(Polistes chinensis) is an introduced species which has recently arrived in the Bega Valley. This is an invasive pest. Please report any sightings. This information will help Council develop an action plan to try to eradicate this wasp before it takes hold.More informa...

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More Generosity from the ANPS11 Apr 2019

Growing Pains - Maintenance Service full re-write9 Apr 2019

Mobile App Update23 Mar 2019

General Platform Update4 Mar 2019

Atlas Naturalists6 Feb 2019

Latest discussion

KimPullen wrote:
46 min ago
Possibly M. lineata, which is said to be common and widespread, but others illustrated online look similar....

KimPullen wrote:
57 min ago
The pale tufts of setae on the abdomen suggested to me Argoctenus. But on checking in Whyte Anderson's 'A field guide to spiders of Australia' I ...

Other araneomorph spider (many families) Miturga sp. (Prowling Spider)
Pam wrote:
6 hrs ago
By the way those characteristics I've mentioned are in 'Studies in the Genus Amanita (Agaraicales) in Australia by A.E. Wood, 1997. I would also ...

Fungus Amanita cheelii,
Pam wrote:
6 hrs ago
Max what your great photos have also captured, are that coloured saccate volva and also the coloured margins of the gills (lamellae), image 4. A ...

Pam wrote:
12 hrs ago
Great photos. We get some of those grey/green ones but ours are mainly the dominantly green in colour ones and there are absolutely heaps of them...

Fungus Russula viridis (Russula viridis)
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