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15 Apr 2019

WASP ALERT TheAsian Paper Wasp(Polistes chinensis) is an introduced species which has recently arrived in the Bega Valley. This is an invasive pest. Please report any sightings. This information will help Council develop an action plan to try to eradicate this wasp before it takes hold.More informa...

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Temporary Mobile Pain9 Jun 2019

New Plant ID guide for the SE NSW24 May 2019

Important Smartphone Update16 May 2019

Welcome to Southern Highlands Nature Map!8 May 2019

Important Smartphone Update6 May 2019

Latest discussion

11 hrs ago
Yeah, I thought that too, but it didn't match any in our books, so that's us stumped as well. Lets just hope some of these things are still fruit...

11 hrs ago
Googled that species and all the images show it as being very slimy, which this thing wasn't. I probably should have checked the gill colour on o...

11 hrs ago
Well OK, they looked more orange than yellow to me, but colour is subjective, plus the flash probably changed it a bit too. Impossible for us to ...

Fungus Bisporella citrina (Yellow Fairy Cups or Lemon Discos)
12 hrs ago
Hi Teresa, They were deep inside a tree trunk so a bit hard to get my nose up to them! Didn't want to remove any, since these 3 were all there wa...

jgl wrote:
15 Jun 2019
Drosophilidae (Family) - ID determined by K. Bayless (CSIRO ANIC). Site is returning error message when I try to add this taxon, will try again l...


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Latest significant sightings

FungusCordyceps sp. at Bodalla State Forest by Teresa

Scarab beetle (Scarabaeidae)Chondropyga olliffiana at Southern Forest Life by KerriLee

Skipper (Hesperiidae)Telicota colon at Panboola by Paul Whitington

Skipper (Hesperiidae)Telicota colon at Panboola by LizAllen

SkinkConcinnia tenuis at Bournda Environment Education Centre by DougReckord

Other - smaller than magpieEpthianura tricolor at Bournda Environment Education Centre by MissAdventureOZ

Wombat / KoalaPhascolarctos cinereus at Wapengo, NSW by libbyh

Water & Shore birdPlatalea flavipes at Bega, NSW by SteveBurrows

Social, potter & paper-nest wasp (Vespidae)Vespula germanica at Buckajo, NSW by alirodway

Sea slug / Sea hare / NudibranchPlacida cremoniana at Bermagui, NSW by libbyh

Latest Identifications

RossMannell suggested Blowfly- / Housefly-like Fly (calyptrate flies) Sarcophaga sp. at Bournda National Park

RossMannell suggested Nymph (Nymphalidae) Hypocysta metirius at Bournda National Park

RossMannell suggested Nymph (Nymphalidae) Heteronympha banksii at Bournda National Park

RossMannell suggested Other - smaller than magpie Neochmia temporalis at Bournda National Park

RossMannell suggested Other Cryptogam Fuligo septica at Bournda National Park

RossMannell suggested Other - smaller than magpie Rhipidura albiscapa at Bournda, NSW

RossMannell suggested Parrot Calyptorhynchus lathami at Bournda National Park

b suggested Other - smaller than magpie Eopsaltria australis at Potato Point, NSW

Jennyncmg confirmed Sea slug / Sea hare / Nudibranch Hypselodoris obscura at Eden, NSW

Jennyncmg confirmed Seastar Coscinasterias muricata at Merimbula, NSW

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