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16 Feb 2020

Announcing the launch of the Atlas Fire Recovery Project,including Target Species and information on helping wildlife in emergencies. Record your sightings on NatureMapr and help monitor the recovery of our natural environment. Click here for details...

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Mobile update28 Mar 2020

New mobile app versions available27 Feb 2020

Progress29 Jan 2020

How you can help - bushfire recovery5 Jan 2020

Website redevelopment31 Dec 2019

Latest discussion

libbyh wrote:
1 hr ago
No I couldn't identify it, but in that location it could possibly have been a Norfolk Island pine?...

Vsery wrote:
5 hrs ago
I’m happy for the image to be used....

Ferns and Clubmosses Marsilea mutica (Nardoo)
Pam wrote:
Good series of images, thank you. This used to be known as Polyporus arcularius a name that was changed in 2010....

Fungus Lentinus arcularius (Fringed Polypore)
Pam wrote:
Thanks for that Libby. Did you happen to notice if the old stump it was growing on was a pine species? Are there pines in the general location?...


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Latest significant sightings

FungusPanaeolus sp. at Quaama, NSW by FionaG

MonitorVaranus varius at Black Range, NSW by MatthewHiggins

Other WildflowerMonotaxis macrophylla at South East Forest National Park by JackieMiles

Other Small MarsupialIsoodon obesulus obesulus at Ben Boyd National Park by RyuCallaway

Other CryptogamTubifera vanderheuliae at Bodalla State Forest by Teresa

Other WildflowerViola cleistogamoides at Ben Boyd National Park by JackieMiles

PeaPultenaea pedunculata at Ben Boyd National Park by JackieMiles

SnakeCacophis squamulosus by narelle

CrabScylla serrata at Wonboyn, NSW by Jeeves

other wasp (Ichneumonidae, Braconidae & others)Cotesia sp. at Southern Forest Life by Paul Whitington

Latest Identifications

Pam confirmed Fungus Lentinus arcularius at Quaama, NSW

MaxCampbell confirmed Bird of prey Aquila audax at Brogo, NSW

JackieMiles confirmed Other Tree Casuarina cunninghamiana subsp. cunninghamiana at Jellat Jellat, NSW

JackieMiles confirmed Pea Glycine clandestina at Southern Forest Life

JackieMiles confirmed Rush / Sedge Lomandra glauca at Southern Forest Life

JackieMiles confirmed Ferns and Clubmosses Lindsaea linearis at Southern Forest Life

JackieMiles confirmed Other Shrub Leptospermum trinervium at Southern Forest Life

JackieMiles confirmed Rush / Sedge Cyathochaeta diandra at Southern Forest Life

JackieMiles confirmed Other Wildflower Solanum pungetium at Southern Forest Life

JackieMiles confirmed Daisy Senecio hispidulus at Southern Forest Life

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