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11 Jul 2020

Hi All, Thanks for your patience while we have essentially re-written the entire 6 and a half year old platform in the background while trying to keep the lights on, this has been a tricky task but a huge achievement by the technical team, also considering the year that 2020 has been. Yesterday th...

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Eucalyptus Webinar July 15, 16, 171 Jul 2020

Opportunity: ABC Radio interview today at 3pm22 Jun 2020

NatureMapr Mobile App Updates17 Apr 2020

Mobile app update on the way16 Apr 2020

Latest discussion

FionaG wrote:
52 min ago
Thanks Kim. I don't know if you can help me but I posted quite a few fungi photos a few months ago and haven't heard anything. Was worried I migh...

Psyllid / Lerp / Aphid / Whitefly (several families) APHIDIDAE (Unidentified aphid)
1 hr ago
Or should this be Plebs eburnus? I see it is still Araneus in the ALCW ID pages, but I just found we have a couple of photos in our collection la...

1 hr ago
Hi Ross and Kim, I've compared these photos with one of ours of the ventral surface of Araneus eburnus (I assume correctly identified on ALCW in ...

A friend in Melbourne with expertise on terrestrial invertebrates has suggested these flies may be a species of Laphria. Is that genus part of th...

I was surprised when this one landed near my feet. It didn’t seem that active. When I tried to identify it and couldn’t find it I had wondered if...


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