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16 May 2023

Hello all, Version 4.2.2 of the NatureMapr app should be hitting the Apple App Store and Google Play soon. New in this release: Updated Australia latitude/longitude bounds Fixed sighting attribu...

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22 May 2023

Hello to the Canberra Nature Map community. Following on from our very successful meetings over the growing season we hope to continue the momentum by having an activity or field day over winter. You ...

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Tapirlord wrote:
just now
That is according to the Australian application of the name, which as I understand it is not actually correct.

Opuntia elata
Tapirlord wrote:
1 min ago
Thinking its more likely X decurrens.

Acacia sp.
RogerF wrote:
9 min ago
Hi Con, Can you put a name to these common species that you have uploaded quite often. Then I only have to confirm or not. Regards Roger

Macrotona australis
RogerF wrote:
14 min ago
Same white fly as before

Unidentified Insect
ibaird wrote:
33 min ago
OK, I now see we identified a similar sighting as Macrobathra (genus).
In this prior sighting we can clearly see the upward, backward point ing palps. See similar sighting at:-Macrobathra (genus) (A cosmet moth) Sighting No. 4426129
However, no match for this species has been found among Macrobathra (genus) online.

Macrobathra (genus)
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