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23 Aug 2020

Hi All, We need to streamline the way that we provide support to users in order to cope with the masses of enquiries we now receive. NatureMapr will no longer be able to provide open/general technical support to all users. We are also no longer able to provide support for the following configurat...

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An unusaul visitor! Keep a look out15 Aug 2020

Vision 2020 A Photo Exhibition12 Aug 2020

Platform update11 Jul 2020

NatureMapr Mobile App Updates17 Apr 2020

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From the background in your photos it looks like it is growing in a patch of melaleuca that has fallen over due to storm damage. Perhaps in the f...

Daisy Coronidium elatum subsp. elatum (Tall Everlasting)
Thanks Jackie, we saw it fly into and out of the tree, definitely a Grey Goshawk....

Bird of prey Accipiter novaehollandiae (Grey Goshawk)
Hi Matthew, Are you sure that isn't a black-shouldered kite? I think I am seeing some dark feathers on the wing. They both have the black bill an...

Bird of prey Accipiter novaehollandiae (Grey Goshawk)
I doubt it. The only really similar native Senecio grows either on coastal cliffs/dunes or up on the escarpment round swamps. So if you wait to s...

Daisy Senecio hispidulus (Hill Fireweed)
Flowers look more crowded than is typical for E. impressa, so I was trying to make it into E. paludosa, but comparinf it with my photos of both, ...

Other Shrub Epacris impressa (Common Heath)
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