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23 Feb 2021

Hi All, I just wanted to provide a brief update on what's happening with the platform. Continued improvements - platform is becoming very stable Over the past few weeks we have continued to deliver a few new improvements by way of new features, improvement of existing features and fixing of sever...

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Meeting with Federal Environment Minister26 Jan 2021

NatureMapr update20 Dec 2020

ALCW AGM, Dec 15 2020, 10:30 am9 Dec 2020

ALCW is moving!9 Dec 2020

Navigate to any sighting/survey/point of interest9 Nov 2020

Latest discussion

LizAllen wrote:
24 Feb 2021
Beautiful photo....

Limosa lapponica
JackieMiles wrote:
15 Feb 2021
Hi Ross, Yeah, sort of active but not a lot of confirming going on as people drift away I think. The other good project is the bushfire recovery ...

Unidentified Fungus (TBC)
RossMannell wrote:
15 Feb 2021
I already have my sightings transferred to iNaturalist. Posted to ALCW to see if it was still active before catching up on iNaturalist posting. W...

Unidentified Fungus (TBC)
JackieMiles wrote:
15 Feb 2021
Hi again Ross, I just saw something very similar growing out of a sandy track surface down at Timbillica. I put it on iNaturalist and got an ID t...

Unidentified Fungus (TBC)
JackieMiles wrote:
15 Feb 2021
Yeah. pretty wild eh? It looks like a painted cup moth larva, Doratifera vulnerans. See here for more info:

Unidentified Insect (TBC)
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