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15 Nov 2018

Hi All, Android Users it is your lucky week. Another build released today which now allows you to toggle the way the Field Guide species lists are sorted by either Scientific Name or Common Name. Common Name is typically really useful for things like birds because people are more familiar with th...

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Android 2.1.3 Update!13 Nov 2018

Thank you Tony :: NatureMapr's first Category Moderator2 Nov 2018

Wings of Spring30 Oct 2018

2018 Banksia Awards Night16 Oct 2018

Latest discussion

JackieMiles2K wrote:
Round-leaved form - a very variable little beast, at least in its leaf shape....

Other Shrub Platysace lanceolata (Shrubby Platysace)
LizAllen1K wrote:
Thank you Glenn for all the IDs....

Common moth Epidesmia chilonaria (Epidesmia chilonaria)
Good close-ups Kerri. Do you mind me asking what camera you're using?...

Frog Crinia signifera (Common Eastern Froglet)
KerriLee298 wrote:
I've not seen this species before. It has the yellow 'shoulder' patches like Simosyrphus grandicornis, but the overall body shape is more elongat...

Fly / Gnat / Mosquito SYRPHIDAE (Unidentified hover fly)
KerriLee296 wrote:
Possibly Myrmecia forficata, but not sure at this stage...

Ant / Bee / Wasp Myrmecia sp. (Unidentified Bull ant)
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