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FungusPisolithus sp.

Pisolithus at Cuttagee, NSW

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Pisolithus sp. at Cuttagee, NSW - 19 Mar 2020
Pisolithus sp. at Cuttagee, NSW - 19 Mar 2020
Pisolithus sp. at Cuttagee, NSW - 19 Mar 2020
Pisolithus sp. at Cuttagee, NSW - 19 Mar 2020

Identification history

Fungus Pisolithus sp. 20 Mar 2020 Pam
Unidentified 18 Mar 2020 FionaG

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Author's notes

These were taken along the Bermagui-Tathra Road, just before Cuttagee (tried to mark the location but it won't let me). A solid fungus that crumbles into powder when touched. It was a good 10 cms or so in height and about the size of a softball.


Pam wrote:
   20 Mar 2020
This genus of fungi are renowned for pushing up through the toughest of surfaces, even tarmacs at airbases!! They often look like the dropping of some large animal. They are a mycorrhizal fungus so they will be helping and being helped by some nearby plants, most probably trees.
Pam wrote:
   20 Mar 2020
I'm not sure what the problem is with system not allowing you to add the location. Maybe if you contact one of the admin. people they may be able to guide you with this issue.
   20 Mar 2020
I assume the location issue has been resolved as I am seeing a little mushroom symbol just south of Cuttagee.
Pam wrote:
   20 Mar 2020
Thanks Jackie

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Location information

  • Coordinates 150.053483-36.491761
  • Altitude 8.3m
  • Places Cuttagee, NSW

Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 18 Mar 2020 Recorded on
  • FionaG Recorded by

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