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CrabUnidentified Crab (TBC)

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Unidentified at Suppressed - 20 Jan 2019
Unidentified at Suppressed - 20 Jan 2019

Identification history

Unidentified 23 Jan 2019 libbyh

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MattNimbs wrote:
   25 Jan 2019
Cant see any features that indicate that this may be a sea slug
Jennyncmg wrote:
   25 Jan 2019
I think it looks more like a small freshly moulted crab
libbyh wrote:
   25 Jan 2019
sorry , that was a wrong category to start with. My error. You are right it was a small crab.

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Sighting information

  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • less than 1m Depth of sighting
  • 19 Jan 2019 Recorded on
  • libbyh Recorded by

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