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Rodents - 6 species

Native Rat Hydromys chrysogaster (Rakali or Water Rat)

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Introduced Rodent Mus musculus (House Mouse)

Native Mouse Pseudomys fumeus (Smoky Mouse)

Native Rat Rattus fuscipes (Bush Rat)

Rattus fuscipes Tail length slightly less than head body length
Rattus fuscipes Found dead in Brogo pass
Rattus fuscipes Max Campbell, Brogo
Rattus fuscipes
Rattus fuscipes
Rattus fuscipes

Native Rat Rattus lutreolus (Swamp Rat)

Rattus lutreolus Ears small
Rattus lutreolus Tail length about two thirds head and body length.
Rattus lutreolus Max Campbell, Cuttagee
Rattus lutreolus
Rattus lutreolus
Rattus lutreolus

Introduced Rodent Rattus rattus (Black Rat)

Rattus rattus Trapped hanging around house, Brogo
Rattus rattus Jackie Miles, Brogo
Rattus rattus Tail markedly longer than body unlike native rats
Rattus rattus
Rattus rattus
Rattus rattus

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