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Water & Shore birdPluvialis fulva

1 Pacific Golden Plover at Edrom, NSW

Pluvialis fulva at Edrom, NSW - 3 Nov 2017

Identification history

Water & Shore bird Pluvialis fulva 3 Nov 2017 LeoBulk Reporter - Leo has reported over 100 sightings!


   5 Nov 2017
Been to the spit I see, Leo. Any sign of the beach stone curlews?
LeoBulk Reporter - Leo has reported over 100 sightings! wrote:
   5 Nov 2017
I couldn't find any Beach Stone-curlews this week, but I saw one there a week earlier which was behaving as if it may have a nest or chicks hidden nearby. Hence the return visit (with camera). It is a difficult site to search and there is plenty of cover for birds that don't want to be found.

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Location information

  • Coordinates 149.906883-37.109986
  • Altitude 4.0m
  • Locations Edrom, NSW

Species information

  • Not sensitive
  • Exotic

Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • Leo Recorded by
  • 3 Nov 2017 Recorded on
  • Website Reported via
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