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Latest discussion

23 Feb 2018
Hi Kerri - Walked a few hundred meters downstream from the ford this time and found this handsome fellow. - fiery skimmer.

23 Feb 2018
Hi Betty - I've added a few photos to give you a better look at the P. linearis leaves. They typically fall into the 2-8cm x 2-3mm range (C...

Other Shrub Persoonia linearis (Narrow-leaved Geebung)
DeanAnsell wrote:
22 Feb 2018
Ok, thanks both.

Other Wildflower Apium prostratum var. filiforme (Sea Celery)
LizAllenUltra Reporter - LizAllen has reported over 500 sightings! wrote:
21 Feb 2018
Bursatella leachii

21 Feb 2018
Yep, filiforme it is. Never quite understood why the variant with the very narrow leaflets is prostratum and the one with broad leaflets is filif...

Other Wildflower Apium prostratum var. filiforme (Sea Celery)
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