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About Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness

Our place is a bioregion of particular interest and worthy of detailed study.

The aim of the project is to identify as many of the living creatures of this region as possible over the next years.

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 2017 BioBlitz along Merimbula Creek12 Sep 2017

 Performance improvements30 Apr 2017

 Our first Far South Coast Sea Slug Census25 Mar 2017

 You can now "like" sightings!2 Feb 2017

 Now you can re-order images..16 Jan 2017

Latest discussion

libbyhSignificant Sighting - libbyh has made a recognised, significant sighting!Bulk Reporter - libbyh has reported over 100 sightings! wrote:
Thanks for adding it to the Atlas Roy

21 Sep 2017
Hi Max, I forgot this thing has had a name change, which is why you couldn't find it in the list.

Other Shrub Androcalva rossii (Brush Kurrajong or Blackfellows' Hemp)
21 Sep 2017
Hi Maggie, Did you upload a photo? If so it seems to have gone astray. Might need to try again.

21 Sep 2017
Good to know they are hanging in somewhere. I haven't seen any for a long time.

Other - smaller than magpie Stagonopleura guttata (Diamond Firetail)
JennyncmgBulk Reporter - Jennyncmg has reported over 100 sightings! wrote:
21 Sep 2017
I deleted the earlier comment after a more careful look. It still looks like the P spinifera in Edgar p 436 and they have been photographed at P...

Sea Squirt Pyura sp.
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