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Latest discussion

Hi Kerrilee - I've been agonising between Austroargiolestes icteromelas and Griseargiolestes eboracus for awhile with this one. I was confused by...

Dragonfly Austroargiolestes icteromelas icteromelas (Common Flatwing)
17 Jan 2018
Thank you KerriLee, for clearing that up.. I did make assumptions, silly me.. oops! :D

Dragonfly Adversaeschna brevistyla (Blue-spotted Hawker)
KerriLee wrote:
17 Jan 2018
Beautiful images of a stunning dragonfly! I agree with you identification. I doubt those are dragonfly eggs, however ... sorry to disappoint...

Dragonfly Adversaeschna brevistyla (Blue-spotted Hawker)
17 Jan 2018
A Psychidae moth, genus Lomera, possible boisduvalii

narelle wrote:
17 Jan 2018
Ok Great KerriLee. I will do that. How exciting

Butterfly Papilio (Princeps) aegeus (Large Citrus Butterfly)
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