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About Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness

Our place is a bioregion of particular interest and worthy of detailed study.

The aim of the project is to identify as many of the living creatures of this region as possible over the next years.

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 2017 BioBlitz along Merimbula Creek12 Sep 2017

 Performance improvements30 Apr 2017

 Our first Far South Coast Sea Slug Census25 Mar 2017

 You can now "like" sightings!2 Feb 2017

 Now you can re-order images..16 Jan 2017

Latest discussion

KerriLee wrote:
Nice shots! The prominent post-ocular spots are characteristic of Ischnura heterosticta, and the pattern of pale and dark marking on the synthora...

Dragonfly Ischnura heterosticta (Common Bluetail)
CCPKBulk Reporter - CCPK has reported over 100 sightings! wrote:
16 Oct 2017
Thanks Jackie and Betty. Claire has said to me before that if she had a fraction of either of your knowledge of native plants, she'd be a very h...

16 Oct 2017
Not to worry, I can do it on the circular leaf shape, plus as we have one in our yard I know that it is flowering at the moment. Not entirely re...

Other Shrub Pomaderris brogoensis
16 Oct 2017
Yep, this is either Ozothamnus diosmifolius or Cassinia aculeata, the two "dogwoods" with relatively short leaves that occur down here. The Astr...

Paul wrote:
16 Oct 2017
Hi Max. I’ll look through the descriptions of the other Senostoma species in the Barraclough paper to see if your earlier tachinid can be confide...

Fly / Gnat / Mosquito Senostoma punctipenne (Long-legged tachinid fly)
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