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FungusPolypore sp.

Wandella State Forest

3 images

Polypore sp. at Wandella State Forest - 8 Mar 2020
Polypore sp. at Wandella State Forest - 8 Mar 2020
Polypore sp. at Wandella State Forest - 8 Mar 2020

Identification history

Fungus Polypore sp. 15 Mar 2020 Pam
Unidentified 8 Mar 2020 rivers_end

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Author's notes

Found growing on South-facing underside of a fallen eucalypt.


Pam wrote:
   14 Mar 2020
Looks interesting. Do you have any images of the underside of the fungus, or remember if it had gills or pores and the colour please?
rivers_end wrote:
   14 Mar 2020
While I can't positively confirm this through photo evidence, to my best recollection this was really just the same shape and white underneath. Blood-red freckles on a white lump: shape not deviating from what is pictured. The red and orange marks did not seem to be from an external source to my perspective.

I'll try and dig through the RAW files, see if I took additional images, and get back to you here if I can add anything useful.
rivers_end wrote:
   14 Mar 2020
OK... so, no extra photos but I added a couple of zoomed images from RAW to illustrate what I think were the pores. There were no other noticeable features as far as I know, and the whole thing was around 50mm length to give a sense of scale.
Pam wrote:
   15 Mar 2020
Most unusual - you have me baffled as I've not seen anything quite like this before!! I will put it under the broad heading of 'Polypore'. Sorry I can't give you a more definite identification. If you see it again please try and get some more images so we might be able to come to a more definite identification
rivers_end wrote:
   17 Mar 2020
Oh cool! I will definitely have a go at finding the exact site again and if so I will privately forward some more precise coordinates, while taking some more thorough photos with a ruler or other item for scale.
Pam wrote:
   18 Mar 2020
Thank you.

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Location information

Species information

  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

Sighting information

  • 1 Abundance
  • 8 Mar 2020 Recorded on
  • rivers_end Recorded by

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