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Unidentified at Suppressed - 9 Jul 2019

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Unidentified 9 Jul 2019 Paul Whitington

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Teresa wrote:
   9 Jul 2019
Possibly a Thelephora sp. but I'm not confident enough to confirm it. Sorry.
Pam wrote:
   10 Jul 2019
Paul were you able to get a shot of the under surface or have a look at it? If it's smooth you most probably have a Podoscypha petalodes. It looks a bit on the old side. This species forms this orange-brown banded rosettes. It may grow as a single specimen or as a clump with numerous specimens
   10 Jul 2019
Sorry, Teresa and Pam. I’ve only got this one shot of this specimen. Great to have your suggested IDs in any event.

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