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Asian Paper Wasps


With the arrival of Spring, Asian Paper Wasps have started to re-appear. This may be our last real chance to control this pest species in the Bega Valley.
Please learn to ID this species, report your sightings, and destroy those you find. 
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Polistes (Polistes) chinensis (Asian paper wasp)

Polistes (Polistes) chinensis Max Campbell, Bega
Polistes (Polistes) chinensis Max Campbell, Bega
Polistes (Polistes) chinensis Nest near Bega
Polistes (Polistes) chinensis
Polistes (Polistes) chinensis
Polistes (Polistes) chinensis

Family Vespidae, subfamily Polistinae. Paper wasps live in small colonies and build a papery nest out of masticated wood fibres. The nest is composed of a single layer of exposed cells attached to a waterproofed 'roof' hanging by a short stalk from a branch or twig in a shrub or tree, on a fence or... Continue reading

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