ButterflyPieris rapae

Cabbage White at Wapengo, NSW

Pieris rapae at Wapengo, NSW - 9 May 2017

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Butterfly Pieris rapae 13 Jul 2017 JackieMilesUltra Reporter - JackieMiles has reported over 500 sightings!
Butterfly Pieris rapae 11 Jul 2017 RossMannellBulk Reporter - RossMannell has reported over 100 sightings!


   13 Jul 2017
A female. I hope that is the native coastal fireweed it is feeding on, and not the noxious weed! I notice fireweed is about all that's on offer for nectar feeders at the moment. Makes me feel a bit guilty about pulling it out.
   13 Jul 2017
Thank you, Jackie. I know of the fireweed problem because of a farmer in the family but didn't know what the plant was in places on Picnic Beach. I also wasn't aware there was a native variety.
   14 Jul 2017
Yeah, if growing on a beach or sea cliffs it might be the very similar native Senecio pinnatifolius - check out the daisies ID pages for photos of that and the noxious S. madagascariensis. NPWS used to get a lot of flak for not controlling their "fireweed" in coastal parks, though as the weed spreads it's getting more likely that the one in NPs is the weed and not the native, alas.

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Junonia villida at Wapengo, NSW - 9 May 2017

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