Other ShrubBillardiera scandens

Apple Berry at Tura Beach, NSW

Billardiera scandens at Tura Beach, NSW - 13 Aug 2016

Identification history

Other Shrub Billardiera scandens 13 Sep 2016 JackieMilesUltra Reporter - JackieMiles has reported over 500 sightings!
Other Shrub Billardiera scandens 11 Sep 2016 BettyDonWoodUltra Reporter - BettyDonWood has reported over 500 sightings!Founding Explorer - BettyDonWood joined us in 2014!
Unidentified 18 Aug 2016 LizAllenUltra Reporter - LizAllen has reported over 500 sightings!

Author's notes

Think it looks like a Billardiera sp


   12 Sep 2016
Hi Betty, Have you seen on PlantNet, there is now a B. mutabilis, also on the SC and ST? It is said to have petals green-yellow with or without blue or purple spots, while scandens has petals yellow aging to pink, mauve or red. I've only ever seen plants with yellow petals, no spots or colour change with age, so I'm none the wiser on how to tell them apart. Other than that you need to dissect the fruit apparently. So I was leaving this photo in the too hard basket.
   13 Sep 2016
Oops. I accidentally deleted the comment. Billardiera mutabilis has very long slender flower stalks and the flowers definitely hang down. The free lobes of the flowers flare widely. It is a climber. The photo on page 90 of Flowers of the South Coast & Ranges of NSW vol. 1 is now B. mutabilis. B. scandens has thick shortish flower stalks and the flowers barely nod. The free lobes of the flower do not flare much, and the flowers occasionally turn pinkish as they age. It is a small shrub which does not climb.
   13 Sep 2016
OK Betty, then I guess that makes this photo scandens. Thanks for the clarification. I don't think I have ever seen a non-climbing Billardiera, but I'll keep a sharper eye out in future. Drat those taxonomists!

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  • Not sensitive
  • Local Native

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  • 1 Abundance
  • LizAllen Recorded by
  • 13 Aug 2016 Recorded on
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