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Coral Acabaria sp. (Acabaria sp.)

Acabaria sp. Internet image
Acabaria sp.

Chiton Acanthopleura gaimardi (Gaimard's shore chiton)

Sea snail (Gastropod) Aclophoropsis maculosa (Splashed Sinistral Creeper)

Aclophoropsis maculosa
Aclophoropsis maculosa
Aclophoropsis maculosa
Aclophoropsis maculosa

Bivalve Acrosterigma kerslakae (Acrosterigma kerslakae)

Anemone Actinia tenebrosa (Red Waratah Anemone)

Actinia tenebrosa Image Liz Allen
Actinia tenebrosa imageJenny Edwards NCMG
Actinia tenebrosa
Actinia tenebrosa
Actinia tenebrosa
Actinia tenebrosa

Sea snail (Gastropod) Adamnestia arachis (Adamnestia arachis)

Adamnestia arachis image Rob de Little
Adamnestia arachis Adamnestia arachis - 'Cowrie Beach', Bermagui 2013
Adamnestia arachis
Adamnestia arachis

Sea snail (Gastropod) Adelphotectonica reevei (Reeve's Sundial)

Adelphotectonica reevei Adelphotectonica reevei - 'Cowrie Beach', Bermagui 2013
Adelphotectonica reevei

Jellyfish & ally Aequorea eurhodina (Aequorea eurhodina)

Aequorea eurhodina Robin Miller
Aequorea eurhodina

Sea snail (Gastropod) Agnewia tritoniformis (Common Small Purple)

Agnewia tritoniformis Shelly Beach, Gerroa 2010
Agnewia tritoniformis Pretty Point NSW 2013 (J. Edwards)
Agnewia tritoniformis
Agnewia tritoniformis

Seastar Allostichaster polyplax (Many-armed seastar)

Sea snail (Gastropod) Alocospira marginata (Marginate Ancilla)

Alocospira marginata Black River Beach (Tas). D. Dedenczuk
Alocospira marginata

Sea snail (Gastropod) Alocospira oblonga (Alocospira oblonga)

Prawn / Shrimp Alope orientalis (Reef Shrimp,Bald Prawn)

Alope orientalis Photo by Michael Marmach
Alope orientalis

Prawn / Shrimp Alpheus euphrosyne (Nymph Snapping Shrimp)

Prawn / Shrimp Alpheus villosus (Hairy Snapping Shrimp)

Alpheus villosus ALA image
Alpheus villosus

Crab Amarinus paralacustris (Amarinus paralacustris)

Sea snail (Gastropod) Amblychilepas (Amblychilepas)

Amblychilepas A. javanicensis above and A. nigrita below. Broulee 25 January 2014 (D. Dedenczuk)

Sea snail (Gastropod) Amblychilepas javanicensis (Rayed Keyhole Limpet)

Sea snail (Gastropod) Amblychilepas nigrita (Black Keyhole Limpet)

Amblychilepas nigrita image David Dedenczuk
Amblychilepas nigrita

Sea snail (Gastropod) Amoria undulata (Wavy Volute)

Amoria undulata Black River Beach (Tas). D. Dedenczuk
Amoria undulata

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