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Microbats Microbats

Microbats - 18 species

Microbat Austronomus australis (White-striped Freetail-bat)

Microbat Chalinolobus gouldii (Gould's Wattled Bat)

Microbat Chalinolobus morio (Chocolate Wattled Bat)

Microbat Falsistrellus tasmaniensis (Eastern False Pipistrelle)

Microbat Kerivoula papuensis (Golden-tipped Bat)

Microbat Miniopterus schreibersii oceanensis (Eastern Bentwing-bat)

Microbat Mormopterus norfolkensis (Eastern Freetail-bat)

Microbat Mormopterus sp. (Freetail Bats)

Microbat Myotis macropus (Southern Myotis)

Microbat Nyctophilus geoffroyi (Lesser Long-eared Bat)

Microbat Nyctophilus sp. (long-eared bat)

Microbat Rhinolophus megaphyllus (Eastern Horseshoe Bat)

Rhinolophus megaphyllus Max Campbell, Brogo
Rhinolophus megaphyllus Max Campbell, Brogo
Rhinolophus megaphyllus Max Campbell, Brogo
Rhinolophus megaphyllus
Rhinolophus megaphyllus
Rhinolophus megaphyllus

Microbat Saccolaimus flaviventris (Yellow-bellied Sheathtail-bat)

Microbat Scoteanax rueppellii (Greater Broad-nosed Bat)

Microbat Scotorepens orion (Eastern Broad-nosed Bat)

Microbat Vespadelus darlingtoni (Large Forest Bat)

Microbat Vespadelus regulus (Southern Forest Bat)

Microbat Vespadelus vulturnus (Little Forest Bat)

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