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NatureMapr iPhone V2.09 critical update!

 28 July 2018

Hi All,

We've just pushed a really important update to the Apple App Store for our iPhone and iPad users. This update:

  • You can now Reset your Password directly from within the app
  • Addressed a minor display issue where sometimes the main project list didn't accurately display which project was currently active
  • Major reliability improvement for users on slow/unreliable internet connections. The app will now be aware when the download of a project's taxonomy and field guide information failed and it will prevent the project from entering into a broken (partially downloaded) state. The user will be notified that the project's taxonomy information could not be fully loaded and that they should try again from a reliable internet connection. Previously, users on really slow internet connections were not notified by the app that some downloads had failed and they would then go on and attempt to use that project, which was in a failed/incomplete state.

Please make sure you get this update and please keep the feedback comin'!

We plan to roll out a similarly important update to Android soon.



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