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Other ShrubComesperma defoliatum

Leafless Milkwort at Nadgee, NSW

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Comesperma defoliatum at Nadgee, NSW - 30 Nov 2016
Comesperma defoliatum at Nadgee, NSW - 30 Nov 2016
Comesperma defoliatum at Nadgee, NSW - 30 Nov 2016

Identification history

Other Shrub Comesperma defoliatum 1 Dec 2016 BettyDonWoodUltra Reporter - BettyDonWood has reported over 500 sightings!Founding Explorer - BettyDonWood joined us in 2014!
Other Shrub Comesperma defoliatum 1 Dec 2016 JackieMilesUltra Reporter - JackieMiles has reported over 500 sightings!

Author's notes

This looked different to the other leafless species, C. sphaerocarpum, which tends to sprawl and be few-flowered, as all the plants were erect and around 30cm high, with only one open flower but 10 or more buds. Flowers are more mauve than blue, and the petals are a different shape from the broader sphaerocarpum petals. However, it won't key out because the fruits are not mature, so may not have attained their final attenuate shape yet. In heath near Jane Spiers beach.


   1 Dec 2016
PlantNet key states that the wing sepals in defoliatum are mostly about 2-3 mm long, (implying a flower width of about 4-7 mm, and those of sphaerocarpum about 6 mm long, implying a flower width of about 10-14 mm. I don't see any problem.
   2 Dec 2016
So the mauve pair of wings are the wing sepals, not petals? All very confusing.
   2 Dec 2016
And two of the petals are vestigial and the others form the 'keel'.

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Location information

  • Coordinates 149.952929-37.356496
  • Locations Nadgee, NSW

Species information

  • Not sensitive
  • Local Native

Sighting information

  • 4 - 15 Abundance
  • JackieMiles Recorded by
  • 30 Nov 2016 Recorded on
  • Website Reported via
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