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Paul wrote:
15 Oct 2017
In the last couple of weeks I've found several spiders with an identical colouration on the dorsal cephalothorax and abdomen on our property in W...

Spider /  Scorpion Venatrix australiensis (Australian Huntress)
KimPullen wrote:
11 Oct 2017
A female.

Spider Deinopus sp. (Net casting spider)
Paul wrote:
8 Oct 2017
I had previously identified this spider as Venatrix pictiventris. It does resemble that species but I have now caught an individual which shows t...

Spider /  Scorpion Venatrix pictiventris (Four-spotted Huntress)
KerriLee wrote:
7 Oct 2017
mmm ... the image seems to be missing for this Libby

KerriLee wrote:
17 Sep 2017
Hi Lyndz ... this spider is so very tiny. But we're in luck with identification because I was able to get some more shots of it, after the blitz....

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